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LINE-X of Colorado Springs Bedliners and Accessories

This locally owned and managed Colorado Springs franchise has been a part of our community for almost 20 years now. Having become the industry’s leading truck bed liner specialists, LINE-X of Colorado Springs has made the natural progression from truck beds to applying this unique “thick build” coating process to a host of other applications and industries. ToolTip_Home

Our vast array of chemicals solve the difficult and expensive problems of rust, corrosion and chemical containment on wood, concrete and metals. In essence we provide, an incredibly durable lining system between your assets and the environment.

CutAwayBlue_BlkWe continue enhance our knowledge and education in proper surface preparation techniques, chemical advancements, safety, industry specifications and finally applying one tough, effective lining system. We look forward to tackling your new projects.

So, if it is time for a bed liner for your new truck or to keep the old favorite looking great for another couple of decades … give us a call or stop in and have a cup of Joe… we’ll be here to answer any and all your questions.


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