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Entire Vehicle Coatings- LINE-X Body Armour

October 21st, 2016

At LINE-X we call a full vehicle coating… LINE-X Body Armour. Body Armour is rapidly becoming one of the most popular projects we offer. The reasons for this fast growing trend include:


  • Abrasion Resistance- Body Armour is a very tough coating that will resist tree and branch scratches. Compared to paint, the scratch resistance of Body Armour is off the chart.
  • Chemical Resistance- Many of the chemicals our street and highway crews apply to roads are really corrosive and tough on our vehicles. Our Body Armour Coatings have the characteristics to withstand these harsh chemicals.
  • Longevity- Due to the fact that, Body Armour coatings are very much related to our truck bedliner coatings, you can be assured a long great looking finish for the life of your vehicle.
  • Impact Resistance- It will help protect your favorite rig from mother natures’ ability to attack our vehicles with sand, wind and hail.
  • The Look- It’s great. New and different. In addition to the incredible protective nature of the coating, it looks awesome and will turn heads.cm_jeep_mud-logo





We offer two different options for Body Armour:

Xtra– We start with our 20+ year proven XS-100 chemical pigmented close to the desired color. We then come back with a second coating that includes the actual paint pigments from the automotive paint color you select. Xtra gives us a very close “color match”.

A note about color match… we hear a lot about Kevlar coating. LINE-X, in-conjunction with DuPont, actually developed the Kevlar coating. There were problems with the Kevlar coating that facilitated a new generation of color systems and LINE-X Xtra is the result of that effort to overcome the Kevlar issues. Xtra Gen II is a fantastic UV stable color system.


Ultra– This is the latest color system resulting from the great work of our LINE-X chemists and technical staff. Simply, this stuff is cool. All the great characteristics of our trail and work tested XS-100 but with a fine texture and UV stable… throughout the entire coating! No top coat here. Ultra is available in standard colors… White, Green, Yellow, red, Blue etc.

Handle is coated in Ultra with the body in Xtra

Handle is coated in Ultra with the body in Xtra


Chevy 2500 Body Armour- Ultra








Hail- Here in Colorado Springs hail damage is a way of life. Will Body Amour protect against hail? Yes. Unfortunately I cannot tell you up to what diameter hail size. Will Body Armour hide existing hail damage?Some. It’s all about the severity and size of the damage and frankly we have no way of knowing until after the coating is applied.

When you want and need the Ultimate in vehicle protection go with LINE-X Body Armour.


Factory Spray in Truck Bed Liners

July 23rd, 2016

Truck manufacturers have finally discovered the durability and value of adding a spray in liner to their truck beds.  So lets take a look at what they are actually doing…

We know that truck manufacturers are looking for the least costly route, as far as material and time, to add a liner to their production of options, yet minimize their warranty exposure. Manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce weight in order to comply with the government’s imposed mileage standards. Such as aluminum bodies, lighter gauge materials, etc. But what does a spray in liner do?… Well, it adds weight!

So what do they do to “tap” into the market, yet stay within the above objectives?

First, they have found a chemical that is pretty good. But when comparing the OEM technical data sheets to those qualities of LINE-X, the OEM liners fall short. You see, some ingredients blended into bedliner chemicals are more expensive than others. Cut back on on some costly chemical components and you save. Unfortunately, it is the amount of those pesky, costly materials blended into the finished chemical that are the keys in making a superior bedliner product.

What about the additional weight? Simple solution… spray thinner. 20 years or so and millions of truck bedliners later, LINE-X has calculated the optimum specifications for a liner. Which are 115-125 mil (1/8″) thick. Many of these factory liners come at 60 mils or less, which is just enough to protect the paint from scratching or, perhaps, get them through the 3 year warranty. If you are going to use your truck to haul things like gravel, mulch, wood,  ATVs or whatever you are willing to throw at it, that’s not much protection for your truck or it’s residual value.

Apply it fast and save money. Right? Time is money. So have the robot spray it right on the fresh paint with apparently no surface prep. What? I’m sure the engineers have really thought this out but any good painter or coating guy knows, surface prep is CRITICAL. Gosh, every bit of training I’ve seen you must create a “profile” into the substrate for proper adhesion. Below is a video shot by our good friend Jordan with LINE-X of the Bluegrass. Jordan clearly demonstrates the problem with a factory liners lack of surface prep and the resulting adhesion problem.

LINE-X Bluegrass


As Jordan said, “try that removal with LINE-X”. If you try hammer chiseling it, LINE-X will come off in small, dime sized chunks. In other words, great adhesion to the substrate, meaning years of life. In fact, as long as you own the truck as the LINE-X Lifetime Warranty states.

The robots that spray at the factories more than likely spray the the chemical fast and efficiently without much thought about you, how you use your truck or any customization you may need. I have real people that do great work. “My Crew” really does take this to a personal level to insure you are receiving the best value and the best workmanship that can be found. It’s our livelihoods!

What’s the Difference in Truck Bedliners?

April 7th, 2016

LINE-X vs Competitors

Spring is here, truck sales are up, the economy looks to be moving in the right direction and, like clockwork, a new crop of competitors pop up as well. Truck bedliner customers are asking… “What’s the difference?”

One question I frequently hear from prospective customers that have never had a LINE-X bedliner … “Is it a high pressure application?” When I hear that I know the individual has been doing research and now knows the vast majority of bedliner recommendations on the internet are for LINE-X. So now I have an educated consumer asking specific questions and wanting to learn more about my shop as applicators. Perfect. My guys do a wonderful job from customer service to expertly applying the LINE-X chemical

So is LINE-X “high pressure”? Absolutely. In fact LINE-X developed the high pressure high heat elastomeric coating for this market. High pressure / high heat boosts the two components of the system to achieve that chemical molecular mix that produces our great product. The equipment to achieve this mix can get rather pricey so that is why low pressure systems are more prevalent.

Low pressure systems are slow cure, softer chemicals which result in those, we call them “cottage cheese liners”. Those liners are uneven, bumpy and possibly runny… not all that attractive or durable.

Photo… nasty low pressure or roll on… not sure which. Low Pressure Bedliner






Okay so high pressure is better. Others now do high pressure as well so “Why LINE-X”. Simply put, chemistry matters. The chemicals used can and do vary greatly between brands. LINE-X has a staff of chemists and a development lab. These guys are great and are always working diligently to development innovations and improvements. We have great history of chemical improvements specifically for the truck market. I encourage you to compare our XS-100 chemical spec sheet (see below) to our competitors (they should have a spec sheet but many do not even know what they are spraying). Pay attention to elongation, tear strength and hardness, that’s where the combination these characteristics create a great truck bedliner. Now you may find a competitor that has greater elongation or another one that’s harder but again… it is the right ratio between the chemical characteristics that makes for a great bedliner.


Red F150 Bed Angled

Nice high pressure LINE-X application. Consistent, even texture and appearance.

You still want or need more in a bedliner?… you may want to step up to LINE-X Pro or Platinum. These products are 300% tougher than most other bedliners.





Next time we’ll talk thickness. Can’t help myself… thick doesn’t mean better and thin can mean cheap.

XS-100 Specs













Fleetwood Coleman Pop up Camper Leaks… We’re the fix.

October 18th, 2014

The “E Series” Fleetwood pop up camper trailer is a really cool pop up… It’s got higher ground clearance, a front deck for an ATV, propane storage etc. It also has high contrast trim paint which makes for a nice looking camper.

2014-10-15 13.18.38

2014-10-15 13.18.26








The problem is… they leak. As I understand the situation, a bad mix of fiberglass was used to construct the pop up shell. The shell develops micro cracks and the leaks begin.

We have the solution. Our LINE-X polyurea products allow us to spray over the fiberglass sealing the micro cracks from water infiltration. In addition, we coat over all the edges permanently sealing the seams with our tough, thick coating. We don’t use the standard LINE-X spray on bedliner chemical but another LINE-X chemical that gives us a slightly stippled texture. This texture resembles the look of the original fiberglass.

The process is completed with our LINE-X Premium product, which goes on as a second coating, giving it UV protection and providing years of color stability.

If you have one of these great trailers or are considering purchasing one and need a final solution to the micro crack issue give us a call… 719-635-8626. The process takes a couple of days and will cost in the $850-$1,000 price range.


Truck Gear by LINE-X Largest Truck Upfitting Franchise in North America!

March 20th, 2014

Truck Gear by LINE-X



The boys at LINE-X corporate have been busy. With the introduction of the Truck Gear by LINE-X product line, LINE-X has become the Largest Truck Upfitting Franchise in North America. I just got back from our annual get together in San Antonio and let me say, LINE-X is just getting started!

As a LINE-X franchisee we now have available all the great privately labeled Truck Gear Products.

Step Bars, Tonneau Covers, Leather Seat Covers, Bull Bars, Grill Guards, Floor Liners (awesome by the way), Fender Flares and on and on. And LINE-X is still adding products to the line at a pretty impressive rate.

The really great thing about Truck Gear is our “End to End” warranty. “End to End” means as long as you own the truck these products are warranted at any of our 400 franchises around the country.

So when it is time to add some great style and functionality to your truck give us a call… better yet swing on by the shop.

Rick Bingman



LINE-X vs Do-it-yourself Liners

September 21st, 2013

The question we often hear is … “why LINE-X and not DIY liners?”. The disaster scenario we often hear, “I just put that Do-It-Yourself truck bedliner stuff on my new truck… can you remove it?” The answer to the first question is detailed below and the answer to the second is… yes, by sand blasting it.

Four factors effect the quality of the bedliner application.

1) Chemical Ingredients

2) Application Equipment

3) Surface Preparation

4) Skill of the Applicator

I, in all honesty, cannot tell you the chemical makeup of DIY bedliner products. But I can attest to the finished product and the life of the product vs LINE-X. Let me start with LINE-X. The LINE-X product is made up of a proprietary formulation of an “A” and “B” chemical which are combined to produce a polyurea product that is as tough as nails and has a lifetime, national warranty. With over 20 years of experience, millions of trucks beds lined and recognition as the industry’s leader, a LINE-X truck bedliner is built to last.

The DIY products, in my experience, become brittle over time. Aside from the color changes, the flaking appears to be a major factor in the limited life of a DIY application. As the product becomes hard, small pieces begin to lose their adhesion and are gone in the wind. Over time, DIY applications begin chipping away revealing the paint underneath. At that point, you have a coating failure, leaving you with little protection and an aesthetic mess.

Most DIY are roll on. To get a thickness that gives protection, you will be working with a chunky peanut butter like substance. At this thickness, 9 times out of ten it results in bush, roller marks and an uneven finish. At LINE-X we use only “high pressure-high heat” plural component equipment. The Chemical is heated and pressurized to 150 (f) & 2500 psi creating a lasting bond at the molecular level. When LINE-X hits the truck bed it immediately begins curing and bonding to the metal. Since LINE-X is a sprayed application, a “factory look” is achieved.

Truck bed liners, like any coating, must have the surface properly prepared to properly adhere to the bed. We prepare the metal with the following steps: solvent cleaning, hand sanding and mechanically abrading the paint. This gives the profile we need for the LINE-X to grab. We’ll leave some paint as a secondary bond is achieved chemically through the paint and LINE-X bonding together.

The guys in my shop have thousands of truck beds and all sorts of other coating applications under their belts. The team understands the process needed to create an exceptional coating. They also have the experience, training and know the necessary techniques to provide a great looking finished product all the while being very aware they are working on a very expensive truck. The skill of an applicator is the final ingredient… next time you’re at Walmart look at the truck bed coatings in the parking lot. Are they evenly coated? Are there drips and runs? Did they miss spots? Are the lines straight? You’ll be able to determine right away which applicator had the skill and those that did not.

Line-X Colorado Springs has moved to Motor City!

February 2nd, 2013

February 1st, 2013–We are excited to announce that we have moved locations effective today!  Our new location is located in the heart of Motor City, still in Colorado Springs.  We feel that our new location will allow easier access for our clients without sacrificing the level of service that we have become known for.

Please swing by to say hello.  We are excited to see our old friends, and meet new ones!

Safety & LINE-X

December 11th, 2012

For delivery companies, employee safetey is paramount.  It is as important as client satisfaction.  Employee injuries have both hard dollar costs, (in the form of medical expenses, and possible legal fees,) as well as soft dollar costs, (in terms of loss productivity, and employee morale.)  As you know, in our climate here in Colorado Springs there are many unique challanges that we face.  One day it can be 70 degrees and sunny, and the next day it can be 10 degrees, icy and snowy.   You have to be prepared for everything.


This is exactly the problem that a recent client approached us with.  A delivery company was concerned with the safety of the loading ramps of its delivery vehicles.  The main concern was the ice build up that happens on the pull out ramps during the winter.  They wanted us to create a safe surface for their drivers during the winter.


LINE-X was able to provide a tough and elastic coating solution by using its nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material, XS-100.  The combination of LINE-X XS-100 with

Aluminum Oxide grit created a superior and long lasting slip-resistant surface.  The client’s drivers feel safer and more productive, and the client is able to rest better knowing that they are providing a safe environment for its work force.


If you have a surface that you would like to make safer for your employees and clients please give Line-X here in Colorado Springs a call.


Warm regards