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LINE-X for Trucks / Jeeps / Boats / Trailers - Jeeps

LINE-x Colorado Springs for JeepsJeeps are great fun and fun can be really tough on a Jeep. At LINE-X COS we know how to provide a tough protective coating on the inside (and outside, if you wish) of your jeep tub. No longer will you have that musty water smell after a Platte River crossing and never worry about rusted floor boards after shredding the slopes.

Pictured here is a LINE-X coated Jeep tub in beige. Now don’t worry, you don’t need to have the body removed, all you’ll need to have removed are seats, speakers, seat belts etc… the things in the tub you don’t wanted coated.


LINE-x Colorado Springs for JeepsLINE-x Colorado Springs for Jeeps