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LINE-X for Trucks / Jeeps / Boats / Trailers - RV’s, Trailer & Toy Haulers

RV's, Trailer & Toy Haulers

Every week, it seems, we’ll be protecting a customer’s trailer or RV from the hazards of rocks, debris and all those nasty chemicals they put on the roads these days. Here’s a before/after shot of an Airstream, in blue (obviously) where we added protection and increased the value of.

LINE-x for Trailers and RVsline-x-trailer-after

LINE-X can protect your RV, trailer, and/or toy hauler from harsh weather and road conditions, while giving them a sleek, new look. LINE-X can be applied to almost any surface to provide the highest protection, providing a protective coating keeping your vehicle safe from metal, concrete, wood, and even fiberglass. Call us today to discuss LINE-X for your RV, trailer, or toy hauler.

line-x-rv-colorado-springsThe wood lining of many trailer’s is a great substrate to apply a coating as a protectant from gas, oil, snow melt and we can even add a anti slip materials to the LINE-X to protect you. Of particular note are the Fleetwood/Coleman E series trailers. A very cool product that unfortunately, as you know if you own one, have a nasty habit of developing micro cracks that leak
Here at LINE-X COS we have developed a great system for coating these roofs and sealing them up for a long, long time.

Here’s an example of an interior trailer coating with anti-slip added to the loading ramp. Now most customer’s only have come up the sides 6″-8″, because it’s fairly expensive to go all the way as shown here… on the other hand this trailer is now bullet proof.

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