Spring is here, truck sales are up, the economy looks to be moving in the right direction and, like clockwork, a new crop of competitors pop up as well. Truck bedliner customers are asking… “What’s the difference?”

Red F150 Truck Bed
Nice high pressure LINE-X application. Consistent, even texture and appearance.

One question we frequently hear from prospective customers that have never had a LINE-X bedliner … “Is it a high pressure application?” When we hear that, we know the individual has been doing research and now knows the vast majority of bedliner recommendations on the internet are for LINE-X. So now we have an educated consumer asking specific questions and wanting to learn more about my shop as applicators. Perfect. Our guys do a wonderful job from customer service to expertly applying the LINE-X chemical

So is LINE-X ‘high pressure?’ Absolutely. In fact LINE-X developed the high pressure high heat elastomeric coating for this market. High pressure/high heat boosts the two components of the system to achieve that chemical molecular mix that produces our great product. The equipment to achieve this mix can get rather pricey so that is why low pressure systems are more prevalent.

Low pressure bedliner
Nasty low pressure or roll on… not sure which.

Low pressure systems are slow cure, softer chemicals which result in those, we call them ‘cottage cheese liners.’ Those liners are uneven, bumpy and possibly runny … not all that attractive or durable.

Okay, so high pressure is better. Others now do high pressure as well, so, ‘Why LINE-X?’ Simply put, chemistry matters. The chemicals used can and do vary greatly between brands. LINE-X has a staff of chemists and a development lab. These guys are great and are always working diligently to development innovations and improvements. We have great history of chemical improvements specifically for the truck market. We encourage you to compare our XS-100 chemical spec sheet (see below) to our competitors (they should have a spec sheet but many do not even know what they are spraying).

XS Spec Sheet

Pay attention to elongation, tear strength and hardness, that’s where the combination these characteristics create a great truck bedliner. Now you may find a competitor that has greater elongation or another one that’s harder but again … it is the right ratio between the chemical characteristics that makes for a great bedliner.

You still want or need more in a bedliner? … you may want to step up to LINE-X Pro or Platinum. These products are 300% tougher than most other bedliners.