At LINE-X we call a full vehicle coating LINE-X Body Armour. Body Armour is rapidly becoming one of the most popular projects we offer. It’s the same material and process used for truck bedliners, only, we coat the entire vehicle. The reasons for this fast growing trend include:

  • Abrasion Resistance: Body Armour is a very tough coating that will resist tree and branch scratches. Compared to paint, the scratch resistance of Body Armour is off the chart.
  • Chemical Resistance: Many of the chemicals our street and highway crews apply to roads are really corrosive and tough on our vehicles. Our Body Armour Coatings have the characteristics to withstand these harsh chemicals.
  • Longevity: Due to the fact that, Body Armour coatings are very much related to our truck bedliner coatings, you can be assured a long great looking finish for the life of your vehicle.
  • Impact Resistance: It will help protect your favorite rig from mother natures’ ability to attack our vehicles with sand, wind and hail.
  • The Look: It’s great. New and different. In addition to the incredible protective nature of the coating, it looks awesome and will turn heads.

We offer two different options for Body Armour:

Xtra: We start with our 20+ year proven XS-100 chemical pigmented close to the desired color. We then come back with a second coating that includes the actual paint pigments from the automotive paint color you select. Xtra gives us a very close ‘color match.’

A note about color match … we hear a lot about Kevlar coating. LINE-X, in-conjunction with DuPont, actually developed the Kevlar coating. There were problems with the Kevlar coating that facilitated a new generation of color systems and LINE-X Xtra is the result of that effort to overcome the Kevlar issues. Xtra Gen II is a fantastic UV stable color system.

Ultra: This is the latest color system resulting from the great work of our LINE-X chemists and technical staff. Simply, this stuff is cool. All the great characteristics of our trail and work tested XS-100 but with a fine texture and UV stable … throughout the entire coating! No top coat here. Ultra is available in standard colors … white, green, yellow, red, blue, etc.

Hail: Here in Colorado Springs hail damage is a way of life. Will Body Amour protect against hail? Yes. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you up to what diameter hail size. Will Body Armour hide existing hail damage? Some. It’s all about the severity and size of the damage and frankly we have no way of knowing until after the coating is applied.

When you want and need the Ultimate in vehicle protection go with LINE-X Body Armour.